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Service and Usage Agreement

1 - Parties

1.1: K& S AGENCY - BirCPU will be briefly referred to as "BirCPU" in the following section of the agreement.
Customer: Persons or organizations who have started and/or continue to benefit from the services and services of BIRCPU.

1.2: The parties hereby declare, accept and undertake the accuracy of the information written in this agreement.

2 - Entry into Force and Duration of the Agreement

2.1: The contract comes into force with the application that the Customer will make to receive services from the website of BIRCPU or by other methods.

2.2: The contract is valid as long as the service is continued to be received.

3 - Definitions

3.1: Server: The Server under the management of BIRCPU (together with the workstation, computer and all its equipment that performs website presentation and e-mail services) will be referred to as the SERVER.

3.2: User: These are the persons allocated by BIRCPU to its customers or accessing the servers belonging to BIRCPU, providing data flow

3.3: Hosting: It is the service of renting a specified amount of space on the Server to the Customer at the end of the contract for the period specified by BirCPU at the end of the contract and creating e-mail accounts through this space, hosting the website.

3.4: Misuse: All substances under the subject of Prohibited Activities.

3.5: Domain: The Turkish equivalent of a domain name expressed as a "Domain Name", the converted form of IP numbers corresponding to web addresses published on the Internet (Internet Protocol address) into letters is called a domain. For example, the converted format of an IP number into letters, such as 123.456.789.123 alanadiniz.com it could be.

4 - Topic

4.1: This agreement has been prepared to regulate the terms of sale and use of the services offered by BIRCPU to the customer. This agreement will be October in addition to the other agreements to be concluded with the customer. Customers who have started and/or continue to benefit from the services of BIRCPU are deemed to have accepted the terms set out in this agreement.

4.2: BirCPU, the announcement of this agreement, first of all www.BirCPU.com he does it on the web pages located at his address. BirCPU publishes the changes that will occur in the contract on the website in the same way, and this publication replaces the notification made to the user himself. The responsibility of following up the changes related to the Contract belongs to the Customer. BirCPU may make changes to the content of the contract if it deems necessary. The Customer declares and undertakes that he/she accepts these changes in advance.

5 - Responsibilities

5.1: BirCPU undertakes to provide the specified services during the specified period, as long as the conditions set out in this agreement are complied with.

5.2: BirCPU makes backup of customer's e-mails, database, web pages and all other data. In our shared hosting services, accounts with disk usage up to 5 GB are periodically backed up. Accounts larger than 5 GB are not covered by this service. However, this does not guarantee the accuracy, timeliness of the data and the reinstatement of the data.

5.3: BirCPU provides internet services to its customers and users, enabling the exchange of a large amount of information through its system. BirCPU recognizes and respects that the Internet has a structure that promotes free thought, is open and eliminates borders. However, BirCPU may apply various restrictions in order to ensure the continuity and security of its services. BirCPU does not accept responsibility for damages that may occur due to these restrictions.

5.4: Continuity and efficiency of internet services provided by BIRCPU to persons and/or institutions outside its control (Türk Telekom, Internet Service Providers, etc.), computer hardware or software depends on many external factors, such as telephone or Internet lines. Therefore, BirCPU does not guarantee that it will fully meet the customer's needs in the services it provides, that it will provide error-free and uninterrupted service. BirCPU is an institution that takes care to fulfill its responsibilities. BirCPU will make the necessary efforts to ensure the quality and continuity of the service provided to the customer. However, BirCPU is not responsible for any damages, losses and losses that may be incurred by the Customer due to failures, errors and pauses caused by any interruption of the service, loss of data, damage, delay, failure to reach its place, inability to access information (and any other situations that may arise from the interruption of the service), and in any way, such damages and losses that may occur as a result.

5.5: The domain name purchase takes place online, and after the registration process is completed, the client has registered the relevant domain name https://www.BirCPU.com.tr/domain-names.php it is obliged to check from the domain query section on the internet address. The Customer also has the responsibility to check during the renewal processes. In other cases, a CPU will occur, otherwise it does not accept responsibility.

5.6: The customer must specify the contact information of the person /institution that will benefit from the service he/she receives in the membership registration. All information about the service received will be covered only in priority order; if a request is received from the e-mail contained in the membership information and the e-mail contained in the domain name's detail.

5.7: The Customer may transfer the services under this agreement from the control panel without any approval of the Client. BirCPU cannot be held responsible in any way for any disputes that may arise from the transfer process.

6 - Notifications

6.1: BirCPU will primarily use the e-mail address, GSM numbers and landline phone numbers that the customer provided during the registration process for any notifications that it will make to the customer. All kinds of notifications about the account can be made by e-mail, sms or phone calls. The responsibility for ensuring that this information is valid and accessible belongs to the customer. BirCPU cannot be held responsible in any way for the damage that will occur due to incorrect, incomplete or out-of-date address information reported. As long as the customer continues to receive service, he/she can make notifications about his/her services using BirCPU communication channels. If the customer does not want to receive e-mails and SMS messages for advertising purposes, he can change the notification settings by going to the "Member Information" page from the Customer Panel.

7 - Prohibited Activities to be Performed

7.1: It is strictly forbidden to perform the activities defined in the subheadings of the Prohibited Activities clause. All sub-items under this main heading are covered by misuse. BirCPU reserves the right to stop, limit or completely terminate the services of customers who perform these activities.

7.2: Spam cannot be sent. SPAM is the sending of bulk and/or commercial messages by internet without the request of the recipient. SPAM sending damages the trust in BIRCPU, as well as causing overloads on BIRCPU's servers, which may cause disruptions and/or problems in the services provided to customers. Spam cannot be sent using BirCPU services.

7.3: T.C. no action may be taken against private rights belonging to individuals and/or institutions such as ideas, works of art, trademarks, copyright /copyright rights, patent rights and trade secrets protected within the framework of the laws. Software piracy, unlicensed software use, provision/use of warez content and sites that allow access to such content and behaviors that would constitute a crime under the laws of the Republic of Turkey, as well as behaviors that violate personal rights and privacy, may not be exhibited.

7.4: Activities that may cause disruption to the use of the service network of the computer or other connected networks, systems, services and/or devices may not be performed.

7.5: Acts contrary to the general morality and traditions accepted by the public may not be carried out and/or mediated.

7.6: 3. aggressive and threatening behavior against individuals and/or institutions is unacceptable.

7.7: Behaviors defined as "hacking" or "hacker" may not be exhibited, services belonging to others may not be accessed in an unauthorized manner.

7.8: Behavior that would harm the personal and/or corporate reputation and reputation of BirCPU customers may not be exhibited.

7.9: Current T.C. there can be no violation of the laws.

7.10: The customer is obliged to cover all damages that will arise within the scope of prohibited activities.

7.11: The customer can use the web space only for the website in unlimited web hosting solutions, the traffic generated by the website or the files generated by the website are not limited. However, contrary to the concept of web hosting, file hosting (File Hosting), file sharing (File Sharing), FTP Hosting or file archiving purposes are not allowed. Files that fall within this scope may be deleted by us or the account may be deactivated.

8 - VPS, Virtual Server, Co-Location, Dedicated Server Usage

8.1: 7. the execution of the operations defined in the article under the Prohibited Activities heading also applies to servers (servers) regardless of their name and scope and is prohibited. In case of partial or complete realization of the prohibited declared actions, BirCPU reserves the right to stop, limit or completely terminate the services belonging to the customers performing these activities.

8.2: In the event that the actions performed by the customers using the service on the server partially or completely threaten the security of the customers on the server and/or other servers or damage the service they receive, all responsibility belongs to the customer who receives the server service. In such cases, BirCPU reserves the right to stop, limit or completely terminate the services of customers who perform these activities.